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With the increasing number of middle class people migrating from other lands or moving to Indonesia from surrounding rural areas, the demand graph of Indonesian Products is on the rise. In Indonesia there are huge number of products right from food products to apparels and mineral items. Right from modern fashion trend of Hoodie Jacket, Top quality Rbd Palm Olein, and kernel shell, to fertilizer all are very much popular among the people. Simultaneously there are lots of well-known Indonesian food products like Teriyaki Chicken, Teriyaki Bumbu, Teriyaki and Pork Belly which incorporate plentiful ingredients and tasty recipes.

  • There are a large number of fast food outlets in Indonesia. Among them are Mioso’s, inese, Chili’s, and Super Cute Thai, where you can order your favorite Indonesian Product for cooking. Here are some of the common Indonesian Products you may find at your local shopping mall or supermarket. Some of them are rubber, seafood, oil, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, forest products, spices and medicinal herbs.
  • Fruits of Indonesia which are well-known as juicy, sweet and delicious are much popular. Some of the juicy, sweet and delicious fruits are  Durian, Snakeskin Fruit,  Mangosteen, Rambutan, Soursop, Boni, Java plum, Orange and yellow coconut. Indonesia is also known for its bizarre species of trees, like date palm, acia, mango, and palm oil trees.
  • The tree nuts grown in Indonesia are the primary source of aroma and flavor. It is used to make various products including Sake, Sorbet, Rabo, and other alcoholic beverages.
  • The seafood, one of the most costly and valued products, is the major thing for Indonesian exports. As an Indonesian product demand for seafood had been so high that the processing industry is growing in amount in Indonesia.

Because of the availability of the raw materials and the popularity of bamboo products the Indonesian exporters prefer this industry. Bamboo chopstick made of fine wood and gleaming polish is one of them. The demand for Indonesian food products is higher during carnivals and festivals.

Among all the rising economies of Pacific Asian countries, Indonesia is prominent one. For this, a number of manufacturing companies are being requested to exhibit their products. Consequently, the countries with number of manufacturers are being brought under the same roof. A few names that you may come across while discussing about the Indonesian products are Feng Shui, Bumi, Hanh Tiong, Homeshoe etc.

The economy of Indonesia is rising and it is now positioning itself as a chief target for direct overseas investment. Following an official account of Bank Indonesia, the country is maintaining its secured performance, as revealed by financial growth figuring for the three years consecutively from 2019-2020. A number of observers are of the opinion that presently Indonesia is at an important point of changeover of economic up gradation. It is now rising from lower income economic background to middle or in some cases higher income status. Indonesia is no longer a primary producer but has been passed over to “value-added exporter” based on their sound knowledge of economy.

The aforesaid Indonesian developments can be described by:

  • Increase of expenditure on setup by the government
  • Increase of home demand
  • Growth of overseas investment

The investors now wish to participate in all the investment opportunities in the world’s rapidest developing areas which indicate strong fundamentals and are ready to flourish.

The important Indonesian Products

The following Indonesian Products categorized as export group products represent the highest monetary value in Indonesian global shipments during the year 2020. The percentage of share of each export category represented with regard to overall exports from Indonesia.

  1. Mineral fuels including oil: US$25.6 billion (15.7% of total exports)
  2. Electrical machinery, gear: $9.2 billion (5.7%)
  3. Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes: $20.7 billion (12.7%)
  4. Gems, precious metals: $8.2 billion (5%)
  5. Iron, steel: $10.8 billion (6.6%)
  6. Automobiles: $6.6 billion (4%)
  7. Rubber and rubber-made things: $5.6 billion (3.4%)
  8. Machineries including computers: $5.2 billion (3.2%)
  9. Footgear: $4.8 billion (2.9%)
  10. Paper and paper made stuffs: $4.2 billion (2.6%)

The desserts and bakery are also one of the Indonesian popular export items. Marmoleum, Hake, Baklava, cream, sweets, cookies and chocolates are some of the popular items that come under bakery products. These items are generally produced locally and are shipped to other parts of the world.

Apart from the aforesaid Indonesian Products, there are lots of other products that are worth citing. 

  • Latest Fashion Trend of Hoodie Jacket made of 23.6% Cotton and 76.4% Polyester.
  • Top Quality Rbd Palm Olein used mainly for frying and cooking, composed by the part of oil after being crystallized under systematized heat.
  • Best Quality Organic Fertilizer made of human excreta, animal manure, and vegetable matter.
  • Top Quality Kris Body Lotion used as a moisturizer that modifies and heals skin.
  • Number 1 Selling Face Shield offering special shielding device to protect face from damage.
  • 1 Selling Protective Cover all designed to guarantee the level of security during the pandemic

There are lots more Indonesian Products that has prompted the Indonesian Exporters to set up flourishing business.