Indonesian Food – A Healthy and Authentic Dish

October 17, 2021 , Indonesian Products

Indonesia is a small independent country located in South East Asia, bordering to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It has an extremely rich and diverse natural flora and fauna, plus a tradition of good stewardship towards the land, locals and visitors alike. For this reason Indonesian products are very much in demand throughout the world. The sheer variety of Indonesian foods is tremendous with every cuisine having its own unique style of preparation, as well as offering something unique to the palate such as garlic, lemongrass, sesame, and coconut oils.

If you are looking for unique Indonesian products to purchase, you can choose from a variety of new and creative cookbooks that will not only provide you with hundreds of recipes but also provide insights into the life and culture of the people of Indonesian descent. The Indonesian people are a moderate Muslim country with approximately 80% practicing the religion Islam. However, many of them also practice Christianity and observe some of the traditions of their ancestors by carrying out the traditional food preparation and worship in the local churches and temples. As an Indonesian expat living in Singapore, you will also be able to experience the Indonesian culture through their festivals and fairs. The love of eating Indonesian foods and the strong pride in owning authentic Indonesian goods shows through on their faces when they greet you with warm smiles and Indonesian expressions of their affection.

To show the depths of their love for their native country, Indonesian expats love buying authentic Indonesian goods, especially food. The love for Indonesian food is reflected in the quality of Indonesian foods which are both tasty and healthy, as well as being made from only the finest ingredients available. You can find any of the great Indonesian dishes that you have always dreamed about while living in Singapore just a few streets away. Some popular Indonesian dishes include Indah Valley Mustard which is a mix of mustard seeds, onions and spices; Babi Guling which is a popular sweet soup in Indonesia; and Kerangas which is made up of tangy orange sauce accompanied by rice. There are many more great Indonesian dishes that you can try while living in Singapore.