Importing and Exporting Indonesian Products

April 10, 2021 , Indonesian Products

Indonesian Products are getting popular day by day due to increasing middle class and more number of people moving to cities from rural areas. In Indonesia there are lots of famous products like Bumbu, Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki and Pork Belly with its variety of recipes and ingredients. In Indonesia there is a large number of fast food outlets like Mioso’s, inese, Chili’s, Super Cute Thai, etc. at which you can order your favorite Indonesian Product for cooking. Here are some of the common Indonesian Products you may find at your local shopping mall or supermarket.

Fruits are generally known as sweet, juicy and delectable fruits that are the main source of their popularity. It has become a worldwide famous food item that can be found in almost all countries in this world. Indonesia is also known for its exotic species of trees such as mango, acacia, date palm, and palm oil trees. These tree nuts are the main source of aroma and flavor, which are extracted to form various products including Sake, Sorbet, Rabo, and other alcoholic beverages. These tree nuts are usually imported from China and the Philippines.
Indonesia has been an exporter of raw materials for the past years. The main export of Indonesia is seafood, which is one of the most expensive and valued products. This is because of the quality and freshness of the seafood. In the past few years, the demand of Indonesian seafood had gone up tremendously and so the processing industry was developed in Indonesia to meet the growing needs of the seafood industry.

One of the popular product prospects of Indonesian exporters is the Bamboo products. This is because of the great demand and the availability of the raw materials. One of the popular products of this industry is the Bamboo chopsticks. They are made from the finest wood chips, hand collected and then finely cut into small pieces. These pieces are then carefully hand polished before being sold in the market.

The demand for food products such as Bamboo chopsticks has been high especially during the boom times in Indonesia. The large exporters of Bamboo products are the Chinese. They have been importing and exporting large quantities of Bamboo goods since 2021. Since then, their demand for Bamboo products have been significantly high and they are now importing and exporting significant quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of the major products of the bakery industry of Indonesia are Bakery products and desserts. The most popular products of this industry are Baklava, Hake, Marmoleum, Sweets, Creams, Chocolates and cookies. These bakery items are usually locally produced and they are exported to other parts of the world. The Baklava is a wheat flour meal that is baked with the help of traditional methods. The Hake is a sweet dish that is made of buckwheat and is commonly used in breakfast cereals and biscuits.